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Community-built tools around Jujutsu

Important: Many of these are not complete yet, just like Jujutsu itself. But they already simplify many workflows and can improve your experience.


Diffedit3 is a web-based alternate to Meld, as it no longer is packaged and available for all Distros. Its creator is also a frequent contributor.

Find it here

GG - GUI for JJ

GG is a cross platform GUI for Jujutsu which makes all graph manipulating workflows quite easy. Take a look at its as it quite descriptive.

Find it here.


lazyjj is a lazygit inspired TUI for Jujutsu.

Find it here.


This is TUI for Jujutsu built in Ocaml, it is unopiniated and its creator is open to feedback.

Find it here.

Visual Jujutsu

VJJ is a fzf (fuzzy finder) wrapper for Jujutsu, which is meant to be used interactively in the terminal.

Find it here.

Finding other integrations

You can find other community contributed tools and integrations in our Wiki.