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Jujutsu supports a functional language for selecting a set of files. Expressions in this language are called "filesets" (the idea comes from Mercurial). The language consists of file patterns, operators, and functions.

Filesets support is still experimental. It can be enabled by ui.allow-filesets.

ui.allow-filesets = true

Many jj commands accept fileset expressions as positional arguments. File names passed to these commands must be quoted if they contain whitespace or meta characters. However, as a special case, quotes can be omitted if the expression has no operators nor function calls. For example:

  • jj diff 'Foo Bar' (shell quotes are required, but inner quotes are optional)
  • jj diff '~"Foo Bar"' (both shell and inner quotes are required)
  • jj diff '"Foo(1)"' (both shell and inner quotes are required)

File patterns

The following patterns are supported:

  • "path", path (the quotes are optional), or cwd:"path": Matches cwd-relative path prefix (file or files under directory recursively.)
  • cwd-file:"path" or file:"path": Matches cwd-relative file (or exact) path.
  • cwd-glob:"pattern" or glob:"pattern": Matches file paths with cwd-relative Unix-style shell wildcard pattern. For example, glob:"*.c" will match all .c files in the current working directory non-recursively.
  • root:"path": Matches workspace-relative path prefix (file or files under directory recursively.)
  • root-file:"path": Matches workspace-relative file (or exact) path.
  • root-glob:"pattern": Matches file paths with workspace-relative Unix-style shell wildcard pattern.


The following operators are supported. x and y below can be any fileset expressions.

  • ~x: Matches everything but x.
  • x & y: Matches both x and y.
  • x ~ y: Matches x but not y.
  • x | y: Matches either x or y (or both).

(listed in order of binding strengths)

You can use parentheses to control evaluation order, such as (x & y) | z or x & (y | z).


You can also specify patterns by using functions.

  • all(): Matches everything.
  • none(): Matches nothing.


Show diff excluding Cargo.lock.

jj diff '~Cargo.lock'

List files in src excluding Rust sources.

jj file list 'src ~ glob:"**/*.rs"'

Split a revision in two, putting foo into the second commit.

jj split '~foo'