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Jujutsu Design Docs

Jujutsu uses Design Docs to drive technical decisions on large projects and it is the place to discuss your proposed design or new component. It is a very thorough process, in which the design doc must be approved before PRs for the feature will be accepted. It shares some similarities with Rust RFCs but mostly addresses technical problems and gauges the technical and social concerns of all stakeholders.

So if you want to start building the native backend or the server component for Jujutsu, you'll need to go through this process.


  1. Add a new markdown document to docs/design, named after your improvement or project.
  2. Describe the current state of the world and the things you want to improve.
  3. Wait for the Maintainers and Stakeholders to show up.
  4. Iterate until everyone accepts the change in normal codereview fashion.

Blueprint (Template)

You can find the base template of a new Design Doc here.