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Related work

Similar tools:

  • git-branchless: Helps you use a branchless workflow in your Git repo. Supports anonymous branching, undo, and faster rebase (git move). Under heavy development and quickly gaining new features.
  • Sapling: A heavily modified fork of Mercurial developed and used at Meta. It is compatible with Git, has undo functionality, and a graphical interface. See how it is different from Jujutsu.
  • GitUp: A Mac-only GUI for Git. Like Jujutsu, supports undo and restoring the repo to an earlier snapshot. Backed by its GitUpKit library.
  • Gitless: Another attempt at providing a simpler interface for Git. Like Jujutsu, does not have an "index"/"staging area" concept. Also doesn't move the working-copy changes between branches (which we do simply as a consequence of making the working copy a commit).
  • Breezy: Another VCS that's similar in that it has multiple storage backends, including its own format as well as .git support.
  • Sturdy: A Git backed GUI that eliminates local and remote as well as the idea of an "index"/"staging area".